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    Capture Advertising Fees just like Google or Facebook! Transform your Social Network Pages and Communities into Profits. It’s Simple Straightforward, Fun and Transparent
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    Target Market with Precision. Publish Product Listings, Attributes and Imagery across Social Network Pages that Match your Target Market Demographic
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    Keep your Current Platform and Supplement.  Multiply your Sales Channels and Expand your Offering with Intelligent Product and Content Crowdsourcing
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Loudbounce is Simple and Straightforward.
Merchants and retailers upload product listings, attributes and imagery without cost to our social commerce platform ‘CRM Cloud Catalogue’.
Social users subscribe to our social commerce network, CARTfm, populating their ‘online social footprint,’ or portions thereof with the product attributes, offerings and imagery of online advertisers to capture advertising fees, creating an online business without cost, inventory or content.

Based on the simple graphical tools we are all familiar with Facebook, Google Apps and Microsoft Office, Loudbounce’s intuitive interface enables CARTfm users to quickly and easily create an online business without any expenditure or programming skills, while providing advertisers a flexible platform to execute their internet advertising campaigns and social media marketing strategies to drive sales, conversions and ROI.
In short, Loudbounce essentially enables advertisers to leapfrog the centralized online networks that dominate today’s ecommerce landscape by redefining a user’s online footprint as a highly valuable engaged audience or ‘micro-network,’ that can be monetized into a business or an entertaining and profitable side project for the user.
Loudbounce eCommerce Management Dashboard
CARTfm Social Commerce Dashboard
In contrast to other social commerce companies, CARTfm users do not receive commissions for products sold. CARTfm users function as publishers by disseminating the product and brand messaging from advertisers.
Advertising fees are passed seamlessly from merchant to CARTfm user.
Advertising fees vary per user and rates are determined by the user’s score rate. Score rates reflect multiple data points including footprint size, footprint demographics, demographic homogeneity, CARTfm user reliability and commitment. 


CARTfm enables users to quickly and easily create an online business without inventory, capital or proprietary content while providing merchants and retailer’s superior demographic and behavioral intelligence needed to communicate new and relevant products to narrow prospect groups with greater reach and lower cost to acquire customers.
So soccer moms, students and the like,… the promise of profiting off the internet may now be within reach.

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CARTfm Social Commerce

eCommerce SolutionsSocial Media Tools

Online Stores, Social Pages, Small Business


Create an Online Business without Inventory or Content

Expand & differentiate an existing online product offering

Create revenue from a non-revenue producing website

Build a new online business storefront

Broaden your current offering without having new inventory

Convert your web footprint into a new online business with CARTfm

Merchants, Manufactures and Retailers


Multiply online sales channels

Introduce new product lines whilst protecting your brand

Breakout specific product groups to target a particular niche

Manage products with different branding and pricing strategies

Present content based on storefront’s niche or customer behavior

Run Narrow Market Campaigns with ROI Significantly Above PPC

eCommerce Builder

Quickly and easily create impressive product advertisements, social storefronts and eCommerce websites without any programming skills.
You have complete control and visibility through a single simple and intuitive dashboard, based on the simple graphical tools you are familiar with Facebook, Google Apps and Microsoft Office. Balancing power and flexibility, your online business is not only easy to build and manage; its architecture is seamlessly integrated on the Loudbounce platform designed specifically to drive traffic you can convert to revenue. 

Online Store and Social Storefront Builder

LoudBounce’s intuitive interface and ‘drag and drop’ eCommerce website and social storefront builder provide enterprise functionality without a single line of code or programming experience.

Unlike most next-generation eCommerce builders, Loudbounce is tailored to social storefronts and product advertsing. Professional design, speed and functionality is without question important; however, successful eCommerce requires more than just a professionally build website.

In fact, our research shows promotional/marketing and product sourcing solutions as the ‘make or break’ fundamentals required for successful eCommerce today.

Loudbounce seamlessly integrates our ‘drag and drop’ online store builder with our promotional/marketing modules and our product sourcing/product discovery platform so you can spend time focusing on what you should be,  Customer Service, Store Messaging, Product Range and Flexible Pricing

Novel, but simple and straightforward…Loudbounce enables you to drive traffic you can convert to revenue all through a single simple and intuitive dashboard. Your store will look professional, be accessible on the web and your visitors will have access to relevant products with an experience that is completely seamless and user-friendly. 

Social Commerce

CARTfm social commerce network enables users to capture advertising fees just like Facebook or Google by simplifying the merchandising and marketing process online advertisers use to reach the personal social pages and niche-properties.

How does it work?

In short, Loudbounce leapfrogs the centralized online networks that dominate today’s ecommerce landscape. Utilizing demographic, semantic and behavioral analysis, ”footprints’ are scored, categorized enabling marketers to target narrow prospect groups, run micro-targeted campaigns and communicate relevant products, automating key aspects of the behavioral, merchandising and marketing process.

Centralized control of the marketing process from beginning to end encompassing traffic volume, prospect discovery and sales conversion is critical for effective communication and interaction with traffic and customers.

In this highly competitive ecommerce environment, merchant and retailers may only get one chance to engage and impress website traffic with the right message, at the right time. LoudBounce’s enables businesses to communicate product messaging that’s consistent with their brand identity and relevant to the consumer.

CARTfm isn’t about creating website traffic for merchants. It’s about providing relevant content to both the social page owner and the online marketer. Natural brand ambassadors are infinitely more valuable than the mundane non-activities of hundreds of disengaged followers. Quality trumps quantity.

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