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ecommerce software

Reach and Grow your Customer Base, Capture and Exploit Business Intelligence,

Engage and Reengage Website Traffic, Maximize ROI, and Ultimately Drive Sales

  1. Collaboration in real time

    Powerful-Research Driven Commerce Platform

    Three Leading-Edge eCommerce Software Solutions, Seamlessly Integrated on One Platform, with One Simple and Intuitive Command Center
  2. Presice callculation

    No Boundaries.  More Customers.

    Create Brand and Product-Specific Vertical Social Networks with ‘Loudbounce Funnels’ to Engage & Re-engage your Audience and Develop New Customers
  3. Professional support

    Marketing, Merchandising & Promotional Features

    Loudbounce Transforms your Social Network Page, Website or eCommerce Storefront into a Marketing Engine with Effective Customer Targeting for Measureable, Actionable, Market Driven Results
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web store software

Based on the simple graphical tools you are familiar with Facebook, Google Apps and Microsoft Office, Imagination.lab online store builder enables you to quickly and easily create impressive ecommerce web stores without any programming skills.
Balancing power and flexibility, your online store is not only easy to build and manage, it’s seamlessly connected with our eCommerce software marketing platform, grounded in research and focused on driving sales and maximizing your ROI. Your online store will not only look professional, but will drive traffic matched to your specific product offering. Traffic than can Convert to Revenue!

proListr provides online stores, retailers and merchants the perfect modular technology foundation and management tools through which to execute their strategies and grow without limits.

Designed to easily manage products, pricing, stock, orders and customers while dynamically publishing product listings throughout Loudbounce, and alongside other coexisting online channels. Its flexibility and adaptability make proListr the perfect eCommerce software solution to manage your online store while maximizing your online sales channel revenue.

 cartfm dashbaord

Loudbounce’s online store marketing and social media advertising software solution, CARTfm automates selling through marketplaces, affinity sites and social networks by providing a free social cross-platform solution that matches the user’s ‘web footprint’ demographic profile with merchants and retailers.

Utilizing proprietary algorithms and semantic analysis, content shared by users, buying behavior and targeted registration questions, merchants and retailers can target relevant prospects and run micro-targeted campaigns.

CARTfm delivers the control and freedom for merchants and retailers to communicate new and relevant products to sought after niche-marketplaces, social pages and personal sites where average order values and loyalty rates are over 10x traditional marketplaces.

CARTfm general users discover, share and review favorite brands, products and deals without inconvenience as Loudbounce works in the background matching merchants to user profiles. Commissions, store credit and promotional incentives are seamlessly passed from merchant to CARTfm user.

So soccer moms, students and the like,… the promise of profiting off the internet may now be within reach.

 facebook boorkmark example

Online eCommerce Solutions

Online Stores, Social Pages, Small Business


Expand & differentiate an existing online product offering

Add a secondary income

Create revenue from a non-revenue producing website

Build multi-channel capability to an existing web store

Build a new online business storefront

Broaden your current web store’s offering without having new inventory

Convert your web footprint into a new online business with CARTfm

Merchants, Manufactures and Retailers 


Multiply online sales channels

Introduce new product lines whilst protecting your brand

Breakout specific product groups to target a particular niche

Manage products with different branding and pricing strategies

Present content  based on storefront’s niche or customer behavior

Manage products with different branding and pricing strategies

Based on the simple and familiar graphical tools of Facebook, Google Apps and Microsoft Office,  CARTfm enables users to capture advertising fees just like Facebook or Google by simplifying the merchandising and marketing process online advertisers use to reach the personal social pages and niche-properties.

How does it work?

In short, Loudbounce leapfrogs the centralized online networks that dominate today’s ecommerce landscape. Utilizing demographic, semantic and behavioral analysis, ”footprints’ are scored, categorized enabling marketers to target narrow prospect groups, run micro-targeted campaigns and communicate relevant products, automating key aspects of the behavioral, merchandising and marketing process.

Centralized control of the marketing process from beginning to end encompassing traffic volume, prospect discovery and sales conversion is critical for effective communication and interaction with traffic and customers.

In this highly competitive ecommerce environment, merchant and retailers may only get one chance to engage and impress website traffic with the right message, at the right time. LoudBounce’s enables businesses to communicate product messaging that’s consistent with their brand identity and relevant to the consumer.

social marketing

CARTfm isn’t about creating website traffic for merchants. It’s about providing relevant content to both the social page owner and the online marketer.

Natural brand ambassadors are infinitely more valuable than the mundane non-activities of hundreds of disengaged followers. Quality trumps quantity.

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