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What is CARTfm?

CARTfm is an eCommerce Social Network where general online users can create an online business around their favorite brands and products by sharing what they like and discovering something new.
CARTfm's social functionality encourages discovery, sharing and promotion of brands and products; however, unique to other social networks, users are incentivized to add additional social connections and channels.
CARTfm user's generated content can easily be shared, posted and embedded into webpages, social pages, social network activity walls and mobile device captures and this provides opportunity for non-registered users to join the CARTfm user's footprint; thus joining CARTfm and if desired creating their own 'footprint'
All social network users seek to grow the size of their social page; however, with CARTfm increasing the size and scope of a "CARTfm footprint" generates commissions, product rewards and samples that increase as the footprint grows.
Merchants and retailers control the attributes, imagery and pricing of their products, while users can generate new content to share, post and embed into webpages, social pages, activity walls, and mobile device captures to grow their footprint.
Footprints are categorized along demographic and behavioral data points and then scored on how homogenous user profiles are throughput the 'footprint.' Since a 'footprint' is scored and data is transparent, individual user identities are hidden and user’s privacy protected.
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